C me Center

Installation @ NIMk Amsterdam NL
Jan 20 — Feb 10 2012
1:56 single loop animation w/ audio
iPhone, iPod, 2 Speakers

A commentary on the paradox of congregating in a space with people of communal intentions only to embark on activities of seclusion. The community center relocates to the consumer center, human interaction shifts to technology.

A one sided tale of multiples
An account of recent developments

They all congregated, one by one, their faces dimly lit by the blue cold shine of data, thinking differently, just like they were told, all scurrying about their own business, communally entering information into the abyss that gives them light. Being close just to be far away, sharing space just to get away, dreamingwishingimageninglosinghope, thinking differently all together. One by one standing hunched, staring straight, they are them. Perfect rows, as it should be. Having a meaning having a purpose the struggle to appear busy the importance to appear busy the urge to appear busy, no iDon't need U. Swipe, but be lost by yourself with them right there thinking differently. Two fingers diagonally won't help to see better understand better be there. Them being now as a we, alone, together, finding peacepiece and blissbuzz in no time at all within eternity, contributing to the mound of mass pulling from it. Trying to understand while losing thought and presence, but being there, not.
Finding while seeing there is and knowing there isn't furthering the thought while abolishing the past. Comforting it is at last within the noone everyone everything nothing space. Change nullified equality homogenized sameness provided consistency standardized disparity assured. Excited to be alone through them vanishing within the greater sum of parts feeling breathing barely thinking knowing iAm, we.